Coburn-Carper Postal Bill Misses The Mark
High Court Strikes Down PLAS
Party Over for Detroit Unions
CWA publicizes Verizon customers’ private information in campaign against company
Self Interested CWA Union Misinforms Telephone Customers
Supreme Court to Hear Recess Appointments Case
Official Time Gets Senate Scrutiny
Republican Senators Asks Supreme Court to Rule on NLRB Appointments
ATR Supports Paycheck Protection
LA Times Columnist Calls Out Public Sector Unions
Mackinac Center Unveils Right-to-Work Site
The Problem With Perez
Right-to-Work Begins in Michigan
Why is the NLRB Still Meeting?
AWF Supports Rep. Roe's NLRB Bill
Conservative Groups urge Congress to Prohibit Official Time
AWF urges Kansas to pass Paycheck Protection
Unions Look to Government for Future Growth
NLRB Appointments Ruled Unconstitutional
Will your state pass Right-to-Work this year?
The Revenge of the NLRB Part II
The NLRB Is At It Again
UAW: Building Taxpayer Burdens
Surprise! Congressional Committee Finds NLRB Bias
Michigan Welcomes Right to Work
Norquist Urges Gov. Snyder to Sign Freedom to Work Law
NLRB Recess Apointments Go To The Courts
Alliance for Worker Freedom 2012 Ballot Roundup
Proposition 2: Not Wanted
Gov. Snyder talks the Most Dangerous Ballot Initiative This Cycle
Michigan: The Next Union Battleground
Come Fly With Me
The Machine
No Lesson Plans For Chicago Students This Week
Hey Teachers! Leave Those Kids Alone
Where Are the Jobs?
You Call this a Recovery?
RAISE Act Seeks to End Union Stranglehold on Wages
Urge Your Representative to Co-Sponsor the RAISE Act
Why Unions Don't Want Workers to Earn More
Supreme Court Stops SEIU from Stealing Members’ Dues
Vote YES on Rubio's RAISE ACT Amendment #2166
Midwest Unions' Desperate Last Stand
Wisconsin and the Rise of Government Unions
Big Union's Unethical Influence in Government
The NMB and the Bureaucratic Mess They've Created
Corporate Campaigns
Senate Passes Watered-Down Postal Bill
Conservatives to Senate: Rein in NLRB
Compulsory 'Free' Speech
Walker's Reforms Stand Up in Court, On Balance Sheets
Michigan passes paycheck protection law for teachers
Civil Rights or Dues: The Truth Behind the UAW Protests of H.B. 56
Michigan Passes Paycheck Protection for Teachers
How to Torpedo a State's Economy: The Jennifer Granholm Story
Raising the Tipped Minimum Wage Does More Harm Than Good
House Republicans Rollback Obama's Pro-Union Regulations
The Education and Workforce Committee holds hearing on NLRB
Bureau of Labor Statistics Releases 2011 Report
Indiana Passes Right to Work
Obama's Unconstitutional Appointees
the NLRB's Gift to Big Labor
NLRB Suppresses Dissent to Ram Through Controversial Rule
AWF is not anti-union, it is pro-worker
Democrats to the American People: I do what I want!
AWF Urges An “Official Time” Policy Rider In Workers Appropriations Process
CWA Exploits 9/11 Heroes as Part of Contract “Negotiations”
From “Astro Turf” to “Terrorists”?
Senator Rockefeller Kills Bipartisan Agreement for FAA Extension
Silent Majority Prevails Over Big Labor in Wisconsin
Silent Majority Prevails Over Big Labor in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin State Recall Elections Tomorrow
Politicized NMB Investigates Union Elections
Gainful Employment Rule Closes the Door on Private Higher Education
NLRB Approves Inflatable Rats as Legitimate Form of Union Protest
Controversial Big Labor Insider Re-Nominated to NMB
Federal Workers Paid $120 Million for Union Activity
Nearly 3 Million Paid Hours Spent By Federal Employees on Union Activity
NMB's Pro-Union Agenda Further Exposed
AWF Issues Press Release Applauding NMB Inquiry
NLRB Moves to Punish Right-to-Work States and their Businesses
Unions to Soak Virginians Through Project Labor Agreements
California Senate Passes Card Check
Obama Threatens Veto of FAA Reauthorization Bill
Pro-Worker Legislation in the 112th Congress
Alliance for Worker Freedom Opposes LaTourette-Costello Amendment to FAA Bill
Why NMB Union Elections are Different than Congressional Elections
Union v House Republican Showdown Scheduled for Next Week
Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Could Save Workers $72 Million
AWF Supports Arizona Paycheck Protection
Manhattan Institute Releases Brief on Public-Sector Collective Bargaining
AFA Pushes Violation of Federal Mediation Regs
Milwaukee Teacher Pay to Top $100,000
AWF Supports Missouri’s Right-to-Work Bill
Washington Post Sides Against Wisconsin Gov. Unions
Continuing Resolution Amendments: Three Pro-Worker Initiatives
Shifting Terms in the Debate Over Union Power
Fun Things for Wisconsin Democrats to Do on Vacation in Rockford, IL
NMB Continues as Shill for Unions Despite Congressional Rebuke
AWF Supports Restoring Democracy in the Workplace Act
AWF Supports Wicker Amendment
AWF Calls for President to Rescind Becker Nomination
AWF Calls Out NMB, NLRB to Comply with Executive Order
Congress Should Reject Becker for NLRB
Buckeye Institute Cartoon Exposes Sham of Big Labor
Union Membership Sinks, Public Sector Still Supreme
AWF Supports National Right-to-Work Act
AWF Supports Davis Bacon Repeal Act
AWF Supports FEAA
After Consistently Losing Elections, Unions Ask Feds for Help
Alliance for Worker Freedom Joins Coalition Against NMB Rules
AWF and ATR Lead Coalition Against NMB Rules
Alliance for Worker Freedom Condemns NMB Union Election Standards
GSA Bleeds Public Funds through Labor Agreements
Sherrod Brown's Double Standard
Obama Administration Regulates Bad Times
Anti-Employer, Pro-Trial Lawyer Legislation Fails in Senate
The Paycheck Fairness Act Compounds Businesses’ Washington Problems
AWF Opposes Misnamed Paycheck Fairness Act
AWF Supports Resolution Against State Bailouts
Obama Attack on Chamber of Commerce Backfires
Nevada Unions Accused of Illegal Election Practices and Voter Intimidation
Public Sector Union Tops Campaign Contributions at $87.5 Million
52 Percent of Americans Think Federal Workers are Overpaid
Tenet of Democrats Health Care Bill Proved False
DOL to Rescind Union Watchdog Regs
House Democrats Attack Right-to-Work Laws
Pennsylvania Faces Subcontractor Extinction Act
Former SEIU President Andy Stern Investigated by FBI and Department of Labor
Pension Bomb About to Hit New Jersey
Senate Fails to Rein In NMB Union Election Rules
Pat Quinn's Union Bailout
Union pays workers minimum wage to protest union workers getting paid minimum wage
Big Labor Backs Democrats in Hopes of a Pension Bailout
Rep. Joe Sestak Pushes for Pension Bailout Expansion
Christie Takes Teachers’ Unions to School on Pension Reform
Teacher's Pensions: Overblown and Underfunded
Fact Checking President Obama's Labor Day Speech
Unions plan on spending big this election cycle
Labor’s new legislative prerogative?
After Years of Lobbying for Job Killing Policies Unions Favorability Ratings Remain Low
HR 1586, the Latest Union Sop
Organized Labor is the Antitesis of Worker Freedom
Economy Sheds 125,000 Jobs in June, Fears of A Double Dip Recession Rising
Index of Worker Freedom
House Democrats Look to Backdoor Mandatory Unionization Provisions
Misinformed Democrats Prescribe Wrong Remedy for a Sick Economy
DISCLOSE Act Exempts Unions from Central Disclosure Requirements
Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) Spreading Lies About Right to Work Laws
Baltimore Unions Are Bankrupting the State While Lobbying Congress for More
Video: 'There are too many government bureaucrats and they are paid too much'
Gov. Christie To Teachers' Unions: "You Punch them, I Punch You"
WSJ Highlights AWF’s Efforts in the Ongoing Pension Bailout Battle
Infighting in Arkansas Democratic Primary Switches on the Light for President Clinton
Diverse National Coalition Opposes Congressional Pension Bailout Bills
Congressional Ratings
Brown, Collins, Johanns, Murkowski, Snowe Side with Unions, Declare War on Volunteer Firefighters
Democrats to add Forced Union Bargaining Language, Amendment #4147 to Senate Supplemental
Democrats Insert Union Pension Handouts Into Tax Extenders
Good Employment News, Sort of
Unions Look Expand Control Over the National Football League
Washington Examiner: The 3-minute interview: Brian M. Johnson
D.C. Metro shows that not all public sector workers are created the same
Public Service Recognition Week – Fact #2
Labor Statistics
AFL-CIO Throwing in Towel on Card Check
Public Service Recognition Week – Fact #1
Raise My Taxes!!!
Washington Times: Stern Leaves SEIU in Serious Debt
The Next Potential SEIU Head, Anna Burger, Calls for NLRB to Force Card Check
Wall Street Journal's Take on the Impending Public Pension Crisis (Video)
California's $530 Billion Pension Bomb
SEIU President Andy Stern Set to Retire
Davis Bacon Research
Consequences of Ever-growing Public Sector Unionization
OHSA Creeps Towards Ergonomics Regulations
Video: How Public Sector Unions are Killing the Economy
Andy Stern's LM-2 Forms Suggest He is Violating Federal Law
Democrats Look to Give Preference to Unions in Procurement Process
Recess Labor Board Appointment Brings Unions Closer to 'Card Check'
AWF Urges Sec. of Labor to Reinstate Union Transparency Rules
AWF Urges Obama to Respect the Will of the Senate: Do Not Recess Appoint Craig Becker
AWF Executive Director Testifies Before U.S. House Appropriations Committee on Labor Funding
Missouri Unions and Andy Stern on the Same Page: Raise Taxes
The Debt Panel's 800-lb. Gorilla
Card Check & The Employee Free Choice Act
Union Transparency
Regulatory Reform
Paycheck Protection
Green Jobs
Pension Reform
Federal Workers Make $11,000 More Than Private Sector Workers, and There’s More of Them
AWF Will Rate Vote on House Jobs Bill
AWF Asks White House to Take Position on Andy Stern Investigation After Appointment to Debt Panel
AWF Continues Andy Stern Investigation
Andy Stern Appointed to Debt Panel While Under Criminal Review for Lobbying Activities
Union Favorability Numbers Continue to Fall
Toyota Congressional Hearings Reveal Bias, Serve Government Self-Interest
Why the Stimulus Package is a Giant #FAIL
AWF Will Rate Vote on Reid Jobs Bill Amendment
Craig Becker Fails to Pass Senate, ATR/AWF Send Letter to Senators Who Voted Against Cloture
Obama's Labor Agenda Rerailed
Johnson in The Daily Caller: Scott Brown and the derailment of Obama’s labor agenda
Toyota and the Union-Backed, Government-Led Witch Hunt
Leaked Memo Shows SEIU Controls Senate Labor Nom Vote Schedule
How a Vote for Becker is a Vote for Card Check
New UAW Union-Foxwoods Contract Will Cost Connecticut Casinos Millions
De-Facto Card Check Vote Coming Soon
SEIU Response to Lobbying Investigation Tongue-Tied
A Senate Vote for Craig Becker, NLRB Nom, is a Vote For Card Check
U.S. Attorney Reviews AWF's Call for Probe of SEIU Activities with White House, Congress
Contact Us
Your Chance to Tell DC’s Unionized Metro They #FAIL…In Person!
Pro-Worker Group Applauds Gov. Christie (R-NJ) for Limiting Union Donation Amounts
AWF Urges All Governors to Equalize Union and Corporation Political Giving Rules
Government Cutters Must Fight Unions
AWF Executive Director Discusses Andy Stern Lobbying Investigation
Senate Urged to Keep Card Check Out of Jobs Bill
AWF Piece on Largest Union Theft in
Backroom Deals Exempt Union Health Care Plans from ‘Cadillac Tax’
Is a Double-Dip Recession Imminent?
California Voters Look to Revisit Paycheck Protection
Andy Stern Told CNN He Isn't a Lobbyist; AWF Says Prove It
EFCA Undermines Fundamental Democratic Rights Established on January 7, 1789
Anna Burger Update: Secretary of the Senate Responds to AWF's Investigation Request
Andy Stern Disregards Lobbying Laws, Assumes Open Access to Obama on CNN
Video: Andy Stern Asked About AWF/ATR Lobbying Investigation
Update: CNN Questions Andy Stern on Lobbying Investigation
2009 Big Labor's Christmas Wish List
Overly Compensated Public Workers are a Liability to States
AWF Will Key Vote Against Unemployment Insurance Extension
Leaked SEIU Card Check Cheat Sheet
Big Labor's Wish List, and How They Plan to Get it
Unions Positioning Themselves to be Recipients of Green Jobs
Voodoo Economics Sure to Dominate Jobs Summit
Workers Should Direct Anger at Pension Managers, Not Students
10 Reasons to be Thankful the Employee Free Choice Act is Not Law
Bias Campaign Donation Laws Give Preference to Big Labor
Why Isn't the SEIU Telling Their Members About Their Failing Pensions?
Former Union Organizers Say Tactics Induce Psychological Trauma
SEIU's Takes Aim At... Boy Scouts?
Sen. Cornyn Stands Up for Union Transparency
Executive Director Discusses SEIU Investigation on Sirius XM Show, The Wilkow Majority
SEIU’s California Fraud Provides Glimpse into World with EFCA
AWF Calls for Investigation of SEIU President Andy Stern
Union Cost Increases in Dem. Healthcare Bill Raises Hospital Costs by $27 Billion
Defense’s Solution to Budget Busting Projects: Nationalize Contractors?
Job Losses Continue Despite False Claims and Broken Promises from White House
Virginian Voters Condemn EFCA in Gubernatorial Race
SEIU President Andy Stern Visits White House More Than Any Other Person – Why?
Big Labor's Selfish Healthcare Motivation
Davis-Bacon Alert: H.R. 2996 Expands Scope of Wage Subsidy Law
YouTube Sensation Remy Raps About EFCA
For Labor, the More Government Healthcare the Better
AWF Executive Director Speaks at the Americans for Prosperity Summit
The Political Power Of Public Sector Unions
John Stossel On The Minimum Wage
Why Unions Are To Blame For DC Metro Escalators Failing
Don't Let Labor Prevent DC Education Reform, Support Chancellor Rhee
McCain Bucks Senate Leadership on Labor Board Nominee Becker
Norquist Urges Senate Hearing on Labor Board Nominee, Craig Becker
Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) Reiterates Opposition to Employee Free Choice Act
Does EFCA’s Workplace Access Clause Violate a Supreme Court Decision?
AWF Demands George Michaels, an Obama Labor Nominee, Receive Senate Confirmaton
New EFCA-Plus, A Compromise for No One
After Loosing 2.7 Million Jobs, Obama-Reid-Pelosi Back More Anti-Growth Legislation
Labor Frustrated With State of EFCA
AWF Denied Request for Financial Disclosure by KS Department Caught Aiding SEIU
KS State Government Department Aids SEIU’s Pursuit of Unionized Healthcare Workers
Davis-Bacon Act Undermines Democrats' Stimulus Bill
Gov. Quinn (D-IL) Helps Unions Organize; How Much Did This Cost IL Taxpayers?
Three Labor Nominees That Will Change the Workplace Forever
New Short Paper Shows Negative Pension Effects of Binding Arbitration
AWF Demands KS Depts Release Records Between the SEIU
Kansas Gov. Parkinson Refuses to Condemn Taxpayer Money Being Spent to Help SEIU Unionize
Senate/House Bill Seeks to Level Gov Contracting Playing Field
Specter Revised EFCA Package Still Remains Unacceptable
AWF Will Rate Final Vote on H.R. 3221
Kansas Uses Gov. Resources to Collect Names for the SEIU
Heritage Foundation: Why Organized Labor Supports Healthcare
AWF Urges Senators to Oppose Smith Nomination to DOL Solicitor General
Union Approval Rating Drops Below 50 Percent
The Ugly, but True, History of Labor Day
Video: SEIU Members Picket Outside Their Own Union
New York AFL-CIO President Named Head of NY Federal Reserve
AFL-CIO Leader Named Head of NY Fed: Clash of Interest Rates?
Federal Comment Period on PLA’s Re-Opened: Submit Your Comments
Labor Will Give Up Card Check, But What About The Rest?
What Happened to Obama’s Promise of Jobs?
New Study Shows Immigrants Help Americans Move Up
AWF Executive Director on The Glenn Beck show on Fox News discussing the SEIU
Sen. Specter Doublespeak on Employee Free Choice Act
AWF Executive Director Discussing Struggling Post Office on Fox Business News
From Today Forward, the Money You Earn Working is Actually Yours!
Union Town Hall Violence Toward Concerned Citizens Condemned
Labor Must Ask Town Hall Questions
Big Labor's Political Wish List
AWF Urges Senators to Oppose Confirmation of Craig Becker to NLRB
AWF Supports Rep. Gingrey Amendment #574 to DoD Authorization
AWF Urges Support of Mack Amendment #561 to DoD Authorization
The Truth About EFCA, Pensions & The Failing PBGC
Minimum Wage Facts - Why Congress Should Pass the Small Business Job Security Act
AWF Urges Co-Sponsorship of Pete Olson’s (R-TX) H.R. 3309 Small Business Job Security Act
What will binding arbitration do to your rights?
AWF Fact of the Day #3: Union Pensions Dangerously Underfunded
AWF Warns Congress/President Obama Dangers of Arbitration in EFCA
AWF Fact of the Day #2: Unionization Leads to Higher Unemployment
AWF Fact of the Day #1: Right to Work Laws Increase Employment
AWF Urges Sen. Harkin (D-IA) to Make EFCA Compromise Language Available
Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.), Pledges Vote AGAINST Employee Free Choice Act
Minimum Wage
Right to Work
AWF Supports Rep. Gingrey's Federal Employee Accountability Act of 2009
Sen. Thune (R-SD) & Rep. Duncan (R-TN): Freedom From Gov Competition Act
AWF Labor Fact of the Week #1 Press Materials & Handouts
AWF Continues to Oppose E-Verify
Card Check the Game Facts
AWF Will Rate Davis-Bacon Removal Amendment to HR 3082
Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) Sponsors EFCA
Lowest 5 Unemployment States, Right to Work
16 State Resolutions Instruct EFCA Opposition...
Cap-and-Trade Puts 2.5 Million Jobs at Risk
Labor's Last Stand: The Campaign Against EFCA
The Truth Behind DC Metro, Stimulus Funds, WMATA and Union Problems
Bailout Aimed at Failing Union Pensions
United Auto Workers (UAW) Parking Lot Discrimination
EFCA’s Toxic Arbitration Clause
AWF Welcomes Rep. Kline (R-Minn.) as New Education & Labor Ranking Member
Union Truth: Former Union Organizer Speaks Out
RAISE Act Gives Union Workers Pay Increase
Video: California Unions Want to Raise Your Taxes
Rep. McKeon (R-Calif.) Appointed Ranking Member of Armed Services – Leaves Education & Labor Open
AWF Executive Director Discusses Federal Employee Paid Parental Leave Act on CA Public Radio
AWF Supports AgJOBS Bill
AWF Opposes FAA Re-Authorization
The Truth About EFCA...
AWF's RedState Post: Conservative Immigration Reform is Right Next to Unicorns and Leprechauns
AWF Urges Opposition to Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act
Sen. Thune Brings Freedom to Gov. Competition
AWF Opposes Davis-Bacon in Green School Construction Bill
Obama Gives Unions Green Light for Corruption
Press Release: Unions Successfully Pressure Obama to Break Transparency Campaign Promise
AWF Urges President Obama to Withdraw Opposition to Union Reporting
Photo Credits
Immigration Policy Alliance for Worker Freedom Plays Major Role in Labor Reform
New Website Dedicated to Green Construction
AWF Endorses Rep. Kline's Green Jobs Improvement Act
Why is Sen. Warner (D-VA) Still Supporting EFCA?
Obama's Energy & Labor Policies Will Cost More than 4 Million American Jobs
Democrats Introduce Card Check: 600,000 Jobs Nationwide Now at Risk
Warren Buffet Joins Prominent Democrats in Opposing Union-Backed “Card Check”
AWF Endorses Secret Ballot Protection Act
What Do the Hawaii Senate & the Communist Party USA Have in Common?
Video: AWF Executive Director on CSPAN Live
AWF Launches State Based Grassroots Anti-EFCA Legislative Campaign
Obama's FY 2010 Budget Outline for the Department of Labor
Unions and Democrats Place Pressure on Gov Culver with Forced Bargaining Bill
Gov. Sanford (R-SC) Endorses AWF Anti-EFCA Efforts
AWF Needs Your Help
AWFAnti-Card Check State Campaign Update: Kansas Senate Introduced Anti-EFCA Resolution
Action Alert: Tell Your Senator to Fix the Davis-Bacon Act
AWF Joins 100+ Groups in Opposing the House Omnibus
Collective Bargaining
Two Pro-Worker, Pro-Business, Pro-Taxpayer Labor Bills Need House Co-Sponsorship
Ind. Contractor Reform
Tell Your Senator to Oppose Rep. Solis Labor Secretary Confirmation
Report: Union Slush Funds for the 21st Century
Press Release: Rep. McMorris Rodgers Balances Work & Family Concerns with New Legislation
RedState: The Card Check Playground: There's Plenty of Room in the Sandbox for Everyone
Forced Compliance With E-Verify Has No Place in Senate Stimulus
Obama Labor Sec. Nominee Continues to Have Troubles
AWF Will Rate Sen. DeMint (R-SC) Amendment to Stimulus to Remove Davis-Bacon from Stimulus
Nebraska Worker Freedom
Prevailing Wage
AWF Will Rate Sen. Vitter Amendment to Remove Davis-Bacon from Stimulus
Big Labor's Legislative Wish List
Letter Urges Senate to Oppose EFCA
AWF Warns of E-Verify Threat in Stimulus
The Big Story
About Us
South Carolina First to Introduce Anti-EFCA Resolution
AWF Actions...
AWF Urges House to Oppose Ledbetter and Paycheck Fairness Act
Nevada: Card-check opponents rally for state amendment
Employee No Choice Act
Arizona: "Save Our Secret Ballots" Group Includes AZ in Plans to Change State Constitutions
Secret Ballot Initiative Backed by Business Group
Michigan: Why Detroit Has an Especially Bad Union Problem
New Jersey: AC Unions Oppose Renegotiations
Unions Look for New Life in World of Obama
The EFCA is Unconstitutional
Illinois: Extortion in Chicago
GOP's demand a first in labor relations
Video: Minimum Wage Increases Explained
The State of the Union
A Very Big Labor Christmas
North Carolina: Smithfield, UFCW to vote on union
Video: Ind. Contractor Reform Explained
Americans Remain Broadly Supportive of Unions
Mass: Unions Hampering Growth
Florida: Gables Leaders Near Union Agreement
The Big Three's Real Union Problem
Video: Card Check Explained
Connecticut: Unemployment up in state
U.A.W. Makes Concessions to Help Automakers
Catholic Social Teaching and Labor Unions
West Virginia: Court denies prevailing wage appeal
UAW President: "additional sacrifices required"
GM Seeks to Cut Debt, Amend Union Pact
When employees of unions organize
Labor unions look to cash in with Dems
Automakers Forced to Pay 85- to 95-Percent of Wages to Union Members Who Are Not Working
110th 2nd Session Congressional Scorecard Now Available
Davis-Bacon Act/Prevailing Wage Information
A labor-union problem looms for Obama
New Mexico: Minimum Wage to Rise to $9.92
Automotive Labor Unions Realize Need to 'Tighten Belt', Hoyer says
Michigan: Worries Automaker Meltdown Could Doom State
Communist Party hails role of labor unions in Obama win
Nader on MSNBC: Minimum Wage Should be $10/Hr.
Auto-Bailout: Unions Pulling Strings to Save Sweet-Heart Pensions
AWF Opposes Ohio GOP Prevailing Wage Push
Maryland: A Card Check Bill Worries Local Businesses
Why you don't have to hate unions to oppose the EFCA
Ohio: GOP Offers Prevailing Wage Plan
Unions Not Giving Up on Card Check Yet
What Unions Really Want: A Stimulus Bill
Private Ballots: Good Enough for Dingell-Waxman
Massachusetts: Court Forces Trash Co. to Dump Pay Scale
After Push for Obama, Unions Seek New Rules
Will Paycheck Protection Pass in Oregon?
Labor Unions Now Recruiting Immigrants
Colorado: Right to Work Trampled
New Jersey: Union Disputes Lawsuit Claims
Labor Unions Prolonged the Depression
The Election Choice: Unions
Montana - US Chamber Endorses Baucus
2008 Worker Freedom Election
If Democrats Win It All: It's Make-It-Or-Break-It-Time for Big Labor
Boeing, Machinists to Resume Talks
Texas: Unions Scamming Texas Teachers (Video)
Joe the Non-Union Worker
Five Things You Might Not Know About Obama's Small Business Tax Hikes
The Pursuit of Happiness - Worker Freedom in Peril (a review of our Index)
California: Members Sue National SEIU Officers
Obama Deletes ACORN Ties
Colorado: Longmont, Vote No on Collective Bargaining
National Policy Issue Areas
Ohio: Minimum Wage Increase Set
Labor: The Debate Over Workers' Rights
Michigan: Falling Union Numbers Make Dems Nervous
Union Leaders Confronted by Resistance to Obama
Labor Unions Protest Bailout
Colorado: Amend 47 Pits Business Against Labor
AWF Actions
Big Labor Promises $300 Million in Election Spending
Las Vegas, NV: AWF Hosts Card Check Pannel at Vegas Conference
Conservative Leadership Conference, Sept. 18-21
Senate "Gang of 20" Energy Plan Will Cost 600,000+ Jobs
AWF Urges Support for H.R. 5882, to Recapture Employment-Based Visas
The Card Check Party
Kansas: Labor unions on the decline
AWF Releases SEIU Video on New YouTube Channel
U.S. Labor Unions Making Gains, Slowly
Pennsylvania: Economy Driving More to Unions
New SEIU Video Soon to be Released...
US Chamber to Campagn Against EFCA
Maine: Card Check Violates Worker Privacy
AWF Endorses CO Ethical Payroll Amendment 49
California: Unions Support Green Jobs
AFL-CIO Paints McCain as Elitist
Video: AWF Goes Undercover at SEIU Rally, Elected Official Interviewed
Colorado: State Minimum Wage Hike
The Secret Ballot is the Foundation of Our Democracy
Verizon-Union Deal Averts Strike
Michigan: RTW Heats Up
WSJ: My Party Should Respect Secret Union Ballots
How Much Does Your Member of Congress Cost?
Unions Dig In for Delta Flight
Obama supports union organizing - card check at issue
California: Governor delays order cutting workers' pay
Louisiana: Company to pay back wages
Looking for a job? Try Craigslist
Illinois: Labor unions a little late with their contributions
Future hinges on domestic oil
Paycheck Fairness Act Obscures Real Paycheck Protection
Ohio: Two ex-union officers face federal charges
Elaine Chao, a commendable Secretary of Labor
The open source jobs boom
Tennessee: Minimum wage hurts hiring, traps workers
Democrats and Energy: Reality Bites
Oklahoma: Minimum wage goes up, but most jobs already pay more
Big Labor places a big bet on Obama as union man
Arizona: Military boosting state economy
North Carolina: Workers, Prepare To Be Carded
Union's Card Check gimmick
SEIU Pensions: The Real Truth Behind Defined Benefit Plans
Nevada: Union told to reinstate teacher
Gas gooses cost of nearly everything else
California: Defying court order, UC labor union strike continues
Unions Are Defining Benefits Down
Obama's left-wing extremism
Michigan: Colleges step up to aid state's economy
New Jersey: Governor's girlfriend removed from union job over theft of union funds
Vote to certify a new union should continue to be by secret ballot
For labor unions, polls show promise
West Virginia: Job Growth Spurt Comes Naturally
Maybe this is why they need Card Check?
New York: Group Wants Parent, Student Unions To Have Say on Schools
Big drop in US jobless claims
AFL-CIO Political Activity Tax Filings Raise Suspicion
Pennsylvania: Catholic diocese and labor union clash
Volkswagen mulls South for next auto plant
AWF Endorses Rep. Feeney's COMP Act
Colorado: Right-to-work group gains in fundraising
Alaska: Study shows oil industry reigns supreme in Alaska economy
Workin' Man Blues
Interview Alert: Does the AFL-CIO Owe the IRS $14 Million?
Hawaii: Labor union candidate ineligible for position
McCain touts plan to create jobs, help workers
Massachusetts: Firefighters refuse to work overtime; fireworks canceled
Teachers union to back candidate
Maryland: Non-profits add jobs, outpace for-profit sector
Big Labor Goes Global
Bush Administration Coins New Name for Competitive Sourcing
AWF Clears the Air About Award Misinformation
Luck - A president's best jobs plan
California: Spending Restrictions Violates Employers' Rights to Oppose Unions
Illinois: Unions Object to Money-Saving Move
Energy Crisis: Drill Here, Drill Now
Friends of AWF
AFL-CIO Endorses Obama
Oregon: State faces cuts to fulfill pay promise to unions
Pennsylvania: Drilling royalties to lift PA economy
New Jobs Paper Dispels Economic-Slump Myth
AWF Releases Annual Congressional Labor Scorecard
Supreme Court and the Freedom of Business Speech
Press Release: Communist Party USA Endorses Card Check
New Jersey: Senate passes state worker pension reform measures
Technology: It's Where the Jobs Are
Washington: Employers have right to challenge unions
California: AWF Executive Director on Wake Up Monterey
McCain: 'Let's drill'; Obama: 'Let's tax'
North Carolina: Feds to Fund Displaced Workers
AWF Endorses Oregon Paycheck Protection Initiative
California: Officials stand against plan for offshore drilling
Obama and McCain Spout Economic Nonsense
Why are we gloomier than the economy?
AWF Endorses CO Right to Work
New York: Unions Killing Tax-Cap Bill
Arizona: Loophole allows workers to double dip, take taxpayer cash
Obama aims tax guns at job creators
New Study, The Truth Behind Minn. Prevailing Wage Laws
Maryland: Power Grab in Montgomery
Give shareholders a vote on pay; but don't let others interfere
State Labor News
National Labor News
Connecticut: Dems schedule vote on minimum wage hike
Privatization to Come? Senate Starts with Cafeteria
Right-to-work laws benefit states, workers
Kentucky: Pension proposal may give Louisville boost
Amtrak House Bill, H.R. 6003 Expands Davis-Bacon Act
House Passes Funding Boost for Amtrak: $14.4 billion
Rhode Island: Smear Campaign Against AWF
California: Muni Talks Freeze - Union Won't Budge
AWF Will Rate Cloture Vote Against HR 6049
Transportation Costs Lead to Increased Telecommuting
High Gas Prices are a Gift From the Democrats
Rhode Island: Labor's power hangs in balance
Sen. Lieberman-Warner Bill Bad for Labor, Bad for Taxpayers
Auto Industry Levels Productivity Playing Field
West Virginia: Flagman Wanted- $32/Hour
Economy: Sky Not Yet Falling
Indiana: Fire privatization proposal prompts debate on safety
AWF Urges Removal of Competitive Sourcing Prohibition in Defense Authorization
House bill seeks to end �frivolous� contract protests
NY: Governor backs school tax cap, conflicts with unions
Colorado: Right-to-Work Amendment gains steam
High-skilled immigration: When demand outweighs supply
Review of New Labor Book, "Solidarity Divided"
Colorado: Lawsuit filed to decertify right-to-work measure
AWF Endorses Rep. Kline (R-MN) Green Jobs Improvement Act
Rhode Island: Union to Mayor, Budget 'Ridiculous'
The Farm Bill's Davis-Bacon Provisions
US Steelworkers, Big UK Union Plan to Merge
Minnesota: Prevailing Wage Considered
AWF Opposes Boyda Competitive Sourcing Moratorium
Democrat Amendment Would Suspend DOD Competitive Sourcing
Oregon: Former Labor Leader Pleads Guilty to Forgery
Prevailing Wage Laws Cost Taxpayers $8.6 Billion Annually
Colorado: Labor/Management Sideshow to Convention
NFL Unanimous to Shorten Collective Bargaining
AWF Will Rate Tax Extenders Act, Davis-Bacon Expansion
California: Silicon Valley Janitors to Strike Today
Obama Union Pledge Raises Questions
U.S. Must Revive Manufacturing
AWF Victory in Iowa: Gov. Culver (D) Vetos Forced Bargaining Bill
California: The Trouble With Unions
Interview Alert: 69 Senators Vote to Cripple State Budgets
Legislative Alert: AWF WILL RATE Final Passage of HR 980, Forced Bargaining Bill
Voters Will Oppose Labor's Scheme
Legislative Alert: Davis-Bacon Expansion in Farm Bill
AWF Urges Senate to Vote NO on Forced Bargaining Bill S. 2123
Sen. DeMint (R-SC) Offers Amendments to S. 2123 to Protect American Workers
Iowa: Culver Expected to Veto or Sign Bargaining Bill by Friday
Thank You!
The Union Police - WSJ Reviews S. 2123
New Hampshire: Custodians Protest Privatization Decision
Legislative Alert: AWF Will Rate Cloture Vote on S. 2123
Legislative Alert: AWF Will Rate All Labor Amendment Votes to S. 2123
AWF Letter: AWF Will Rate Vote on S. 2123
AWF Urges "NO" Vote on Forced Bargaining Bill S. 2123
California: Labor Unions Push for Vallejo City Audit
Dept. of Labor Wants More Info From Union Officials
Union Rules: The Democratic Coalition Rubs Its Hands at the Prospect of Taking Over DC
California: AWF Executive Director Talks About CA Union Battle
Interview Alert: In 19 days...Iowa will know if Gov. Culver is a friend or enemy of worker freedom
Canada Pushes Columbia Free Trade Agreement, as U.S. Deal Languishes
North Carolina: State Employees Vote to Join National Union
Minnesota: Taxpayers Pay Top Dollar For State Building Projects
Obama Says Teamsters Need Less Oversight
Press Release: NC Union Merger Will Cost State
Labor's Influence on Government Spending Lamented at Conference
AWF Opposes Prevailing Wage School Construction Mandates
Press Release: Gov. Culver (D-IA): Friend or Enemy of Iowa Workers?
Hawaii: AWF to Senate, Card Check Veto Should Not be Overridden
Unions Criticize Sportswear Industry
California: Complaint Filled Against Union
Interview Alert: Labor Group Endorses CO Right to Work
US Dept of Labor Sues Company Over Wages
Press Release: Union Pressure Forces Ohio GM to Consider Closing
Colorado: Paycheck Protection in the Making
Union vs. Union: CA Nurses Take Legal Action Against SEIU
Q-C Labor Unions Join Turn Around America
Pennsylvania Obama, Clinton Seek Union Vote in Close Pa. Race
AWF Letter to Gov. Patrick (D-MA) Urging Veto of All Prevailing Wage Laws
Unions Split Over Scoring Patents Bill
California: Unions Meet to Try and Avert a Strike
AWF Will Rate Co-Sponsorship of Sen. Cornyn/Rep. Sessions LMRDA Enforcement Act
Mass. Prevailing Wage Will Cause "Affordable" Housing Project Costs to Rise
Labor Groups Plan to Bankroll Democrats
Massachusetts: Prevailing Wage Could Cause Housing Project Costs to Skyrocket
Obama to AFL-CIO, "I Will Make Card Check Law of the Land"
AWF to Gov. Schwarzenegger (R-CA); Thank You for Opposing Prevailing Wage Requirement for Volunteers
Hawaii: Business Owners Find State Difficult if Card Check Passes
California: Governor Pushes for Prevailing Wage Exemption for Volunteers
Will Economic Recession Kill or Renew Labor Unions?
Sen. Gronstal (D-IA) Stalls Bill, Increases Union Pressure on Gov. Culver (D-IA)
New York: Labor Union Crosses a Line
Teamsters Chief Draws Up Support For Obama
New Poll: Americans Fiercely Defend the Right to Union Secret Ballot Elections
California Radio: AWF on the Mark Carbonero Morning Show
The Fight in Kansas-2, the Reality of Big Labor Contributions
The Union Agenda
Alabama Court Verdict Assists Fight for Union Financial Transparency
Michigan: Costly Wage Law Hurts State Economy
Legislative Alert: AWF Will Rate Co-Sponsorship of H.R. 5775, LMRDA Enforcement Act
Colorado: Labor Unions Alledge Fraud In Right to Work Petition
Big Labor's Hold On a Columbia Pact
Pennsylvania: State Sees Union Membership Boom
New Study: Americans Want Secret Ballot Union Elections
Labor Unions Add to Costs and Discourage Productivity
California: New Polls, Ties to Labor's Liberal Agenda Pose Risks for Candidates
AFSCME to Press: Clinton Against NAFTA
Colorado: AWF Talks About Right to Work
Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Unions
UAW May Force General Motors to Shut Down Ohio Plant
California: Non-Union Workers Get Rebate
UAW Membership Falls Below WWII Level
Right-to-Work Push Makes Colorado Free
Grocer's and Union Make Tentative Pact
California: Rigonomics, Labor Unions' Clout Worsening Our Debt
H.F. 2645 Threatens Iowa's Score on the Index of Worker Freedom
Union Strike May Force GM Plant Closing
California: Radio: AWF on Mark Carbonero Show
New Jersey: Union Aide Admits Contractor Bribe
AWF Press Release: Union Puppet Bill on Gov. Culver's Desk
SEIU to Focus on Obama Ground Game
North Carolina: Labor Unions Look to Organize Smithfield Foods
AWF Urges Gov. Culver to Veto Forced Bargaining Bill
Iowa: Collective Bargaining Bill Passes
AWF Urges Iowa State Senate to Oppose HF 2645
FedEx Requests NLRB Ruling Review
Ohio: Columbus Schools May Tighten Wage Policy
Delaware Prevailing Wage Law Kills Public School Projects
Labor Union Contributions to 19 Congressmen
Maryland: Labor Unions Making Headway in Annapolis
Demonstration Title
Group Unveils Plans to Bankroll Democrats
Illinois: Chicago Mechanics Union Reaches Labor Deal With U.S. Airways
How Much Does Your Congressman Cost?
OLMS: Convictions Up 20 Percent, Indictments Up 39 Percent
Washington: Unionizing Foster Parents at the Cost of Needy Children
Connecticut: Judge Finds no Misconduct in Foxwoods Labor Union Vote
Canadian Bitumen Exports to U.S. Are Challenged by Labor Union
Kansas: Labor Unions Enjoying a Resurgence in Kansas and Throughout Country
AWF Press Release: Judge Confirms Labor Union Vote in Blow to CT Worker Freedom
Minn. Prevailing Wage Law Raises Taxes & Skews Wages
Labor's Changing Tune on Global Warming
Connecticut: Second Union Makes Bid to Unionize Foxwood's Casino
Laborers' Union Bucks Trends, Backs Confined Space Standard
Newsletter Story One
Newsletter Demonstration
AFL-CIO Target McCain with $53 Million Campaign
Colorado Right to Work Ballot Will Give Workers a Free Choice
Ohio: Rival Labor Unions Beating Each Other Up
Clinton, Obama Race Dividing Labor Unions
Missouri: State DOL Sets Prevailing Wage
Labor Unions Push For "Greener Jobs"
Pennsylvania: Minimum Wage Study Incites Controversy
California: Janitors in L.A. protest for "Respect"
Union Financial Disclosure Form Sheds Light on Secret Billions
The Freedom of American Workers
Minnesota: Mankato Considers Prevailing Wage
Colorado: Labor Issues May Find Ballot
Colorado: Labor Issues May Find Ballot
AWF Victory: Iowa Democrat Gov. Vetos Forced Bargaining Bill
New Heritage Study: Davis-Bacon Wages Need to be Scientifically Calculated
West Virginia: Prevailing Wage, A Mystery Worth Unraveling
Sen. Obama: "I Owe These Unions..."
Washington: Bill to Unionize Workers Violates the National Labor Relations Act
Enforcement of Union Funds� Transparency is Long Overdue
California: Vallejo, Labor Unions Reach Tentative Pact; Could Head Off Bankruptcy
Union Hears Rumbling of Increased Democracy in SEIU Ranks
Labor unions running TV ads for Obama
Growing Broad Based Coalition Supports Davis-Bacon Reform
California: City Moves Closer to Bankruptcy Filing After Talks With Labor Unions Collapsed
Obama Touts Pro-Union Views; Hammers Clinton Over NAFTA
New Hampshire: Unions Seek To Organize University System Staff
Clinton Critical of Obama Over Labor Union Ad
Kentucky: The Chilling Impact of Big Government
DHS Drops Labor Relations Plan
Obama Wins Teamsters Endorsement, Clinton Loosing Edge Among Women
Wisconsin: Academic Faculty of the State University System Gain Collective Bargaining Rights
U.S. Unions to Work Hard For Democrat In-Waiting
AWF Urges Opposition to Davis-Bacon Filled Senate Bill
Colorado: Call in Wednesday to Discuss Gov. Ritter's Colorado Union Payback
Senate Amendments to Indian Health Care Bill, S.1200, Did Not Remove Davis-Bacon Requirement
AWF Press Relase: Writers' Stirke Over, But at What Cost?
Union Dues and Don'ts
Endorsements: Clinton's Pull With Unions to Be Tested
West Virginia: Hearing Seeks Answers to Prevailing Wage Issue
AWF Will Rate Vote on S. 1200 Indian Healthcare Bill
Indian Tribes Face Federal Labor Movement
Massachusetts: East Boston Construction Firm Indicted For Wage, Overtime Violations
Unsuprisingly, Labor Money Swings Sen. Hillary Clinton's Way in Presidential Race
Labor Union Diversity Plans
Detroit: Worker's Perspective on Saving Auto in the U.S.
Bush Threatens Veto of Davis-Bacon Filled Senate Indian Health Care Bill
Illinois: SEIU Official Accusing Union President of Power Grab
Verizon, Union Skirmish Over a U.S. Flag
Virginia: House GOP Sought Only Accountability in Right to Work Laws
AWF Defends Starbucks in Union Smear Campaign
Pennsylvania: Unions Big Rat Joins Keystone Protest
New Study Takes Aim at Prevailing Wage Laws
AWF Calls for Prevailing Wage Survey Reform
Labor Unions Command Renewed Power in Presidential Race
AWF Opposes Colorado Move to Public Sector Bargaining
Rhode Island: AFL-CIO Endorses Gov. Casino Plans
Defense Department: Bush Signs Bill That Sends Unions Back to Bargaining
Iowa: Labor Unions Decline
Nevada: Backing Obama Costs Durazo
Colorado Moves to Public-Sector Collective Bargaining
Pennsylvania: Unions Command Renewed Power in Presidential Race
Connecticut: 11 Unions Endorse Hillary Clinton
COLA, Starbucks Face Off In Union-Busting Case
Corruption Sparked DIsclosure Law
Nevada: Repeal of PLAs Could Save Millions
US Airways Join Union Forces in Push for New Labor Agreements
The New Labor Activism
Government Unions Hide Behind Secrecy Protections
Ohio: Wage Law at Center of Probe
Colorado: Republicans Back Right-to-Work Bill
Is the Sun Setting on Union Accountability
Democrats Pass Mine Safety Bill
Massachusetts: Tribe, Union Clash Over Foxwoods Vote
AWF Opposes Right to Work Repeal in Iowa
AWF Will Rate Vote Against S-MINER
Iowa: Right to Work Law a Major Target
Are Labor Unions Ready for Prime Time?
AWF Urges Congress to Oppose Unecessary Mine Mandates
AWF Pushes for Right to Work in Michigan
Three Big Reasons for the Decline of Labor Unions
Labor Group Responds to SEIU Slander
Tennessee: Group Critical of SEIU Remarks
Collective Bargaining Will Hold Tenn. Budget Hostage
Economist says Labor Unions Face Uphill Battle
Michigan: Could State Become Right to Work
Tennessee: Public Employees Union has Collective Bargaining in Sights
California: Unions Pump $1 Million into Phone Tax Campaign
Key Union May Back Obama Run
Labor Department reports $32 million in court-ordered union fund restitutions for workers in FY 2007
Nevada: Labor Unions Withhold Presidential Endorsements
Puerto Rico: Battle Between Big Labor Unions Hits the Tropics
Sen. John Edwards Camp vs. the SEIU
Writers Strike Hurts All in Business
California: State Minimum Wage Raised to $8 an Hour
In court actions, employers fight back against union corporate campaigns
Indiana: Deputies still eye collective bargaining
AWF Commends House Leaders for Removing Labor Riders from Omnibus Spending Bill
Greedy Writers Update
U.S. Labor Department Watchdog Office Announces Nine Criminal Convictions for November
Minnesota: Landmark case seeks enforcement of state prevailing wage law
ATR Plays Santa: What State Leaders are Naughty or Nice?
Congress Should Fix Flawed Davis-Bacon Wage System Before Expanding
House Omnibus Remains Free of Labor Restrictions
Michigan: Right to Work Push Designed to Bust Unions, Labor Says
Obama Comes Up Short on Union Support
State of Unions
Arizona: State Merits "B" in Worker Freedom
Left Launches Agenda-Driven Labor Assault
ATR Urges Removal of Labor Riders in House Omnibus
Illinois: AWF Live on WJPF Morning News Watch
Unions Seek Help From Abroad
AWF Will Rate Vote on Harkin Amendment to Farm Bill
Colorado: AWF Remarks on Gov. Ritter's Recent Schemes via Podcast
Ohio: Scores Low on Worker Freedom
Alabama: Labor Unions Align Behind Democrat Primary Candidates
Action Alert Against S. 2123, Mandatory Collective Bargaining
Pennsylvania: State Gets an "F" for Worker Freedom
There is a Bear in the Woods
Heritage Blog Highlights Index of Worker Freedom
Washington: EFF Press Release on AWF Index
New York
VEBA's: Union Slush Funds for the 21st Century
McCain Picks Up Union Leader Endorsement
Arkansas: Republican Assembly Comments on Index of Worker Freedom
AWF to Release State-by-State Report Card Dec 6
Michigan Review Touts Index of Worker Freedom
Bush Appoints Board to Hault Amtrak Stirke
Wisconsin: Bill Would Let More at UAW Unionize
Colorado: Ritter Crafts Agreement for State Workers
UAW Casino Trip Bankrupts Worker Freedom
Connecticut: Result At Foxwoods Could Lead Downhill
California: Various Labor Unions Join WGA Rally
Supreme Court to Rule on Labor Law
Michigan: Prevailing Wage Law Plan Alarming Local Businesses
Union Negotiating Leaves Retiree's Without Healthcare
Ohio: Union Developing Presence in Chillicothe-Ross County Area
On Strike to Protect the Gains of the Past with an Eye on the Future
Restoring Balance to Labor Law
California: What the Writer's Strike Won't Change
Second RICO Suit Filled Against Major Union
Missouri: Rally for Collective Bargaining Rights
Ohio: 900 Teachers Union Members Show Up at School Board Meeting
Unions Want UN Affiliate to Decide US Labor Policy
UAW Conference Courts Presidential Candidates
Oregon: SEIU Expands Union Ranks to Family Care
State Collective Bargaining Agreements Go Public
Kentucky: Prevailing Wage Laws Drive Up State Costs
SEC Union Sign New Collective Bargaining Agreement
Unionized Home-Care Will Increase Costs in Oregon
Unions Now Control Fort Worth Budget
Massachusetts: Throwing a Flag on Paid Details
The Writer's Strike
Ford Stocks Plummet on Word of UAW Pact
AWF Urges Andover to Oppose Prevailing Wage
Texas: Collective Bargaining Approved for City Firefighters
Minnesota: Prevailing Wage Law Considered
AWF Supports Appeal to Block Union in Maryland
Colorado: Unions Brought Fully Into the Fold
Iowa: Cutting Right to Work on Democrats "To Do List"
U.S. Unions Ready to Push New Laws if Democrats Win Big
Massachusetts Child Care Unionization Will Hurt Parents
Labor Unions Back Clinton, Edwards
AWF Opposes NCLB Draft
Oregon: Unions Push for Pay Raise
AWF Interview with Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX)
District of Columbia: Unions Oppose Rhee's Firing
OPM Expands Functions of Labor Agreement Online Database
New York: Child Care Workers Unionize
Organized Labor's Green Blackmail
Proposition 1 Will Crush Fort Worth Budget
AWF Will Rate "YES" Vote on DeMint Amendment to Labor-HHS
Amtrak Unions Seen Rejecting Arbitration
Texas: Fight Over Collective Bargaining Picks Up
Senator Stevens Votes for More Corruption
Actors Unions Spar Over Collective Bargaining
AWF Will Rate "Yes" Vote on DeMint Amendment
Unions Will Hijack Maine Daycare Costs for Parents
Maine: Child Care Providers Vote to Unionize
Unions Holding Off on Endorsements
Senate Opens Flood Gates for Union Crime
Michigan: Prevailing Wage Proposal Faces Hurdles
Unions Stray Far From Original Purpose
Big Labor, Have SCHIP Hit List
Iowa: Complaint Against County Union Head Rejected
Labor Unions Support Clinton Child Care Proposals
North Carolina: Pork Company, Union Carried Out Smear Campaign
Senate to Take on Labor-HHS Appropriations Bill
Senator Sessions Fights OLMS Funding Battle
Kentucky: Civil Service Workers Want Collective Bargaining
Michigan: Expanding Lansing's Prevailing Wage Hurts Local Workers
AWF Urges Support for Senator Sessions' Amendment
Overdemanding UAW Suffocates American Auto Industry
AWF Will Rate "YES" Vote on OLMS Funding
Michigan: Union President Voted Out of Office
Edwards Fails to Capture Endorsement from Unions
Unionized Day Care Will Hurt New York Parents
Union Announces Labor Deal With Chrysler
AWF Weighs in on Maryland Day Care Union Battle
Union Watch-Dog Agency Tightens Leash with LM-30
Killing Wage Law Helps Budget & Creates Jobs
New York: Teachers Labor Unions Picket Outside SWCS
Pilots' Union Boss Blasts Airline CEO
Connecticut: Laborers Picket Hartford Life
New York: Union Bashing in a Union Town
Looking for the Union Label: All Over the Party
AWF Urges Senate to Oppose First Responders Union Bill
Teamsters Have Record 6,909 Labor Law Charges Since 1998
Walter Jones (NC-3) Forgets What Side He's On
Nevada: Unions, Casino Workers Seek to Improve Their Odds
Maine: Day Care Union Fight Continues
AWF Will Rate HR 1644, The Respect Act
Unionized Day Care Will Hurt Maryland Parents
Texas: Council Votes to Oppose Collective Bargaining
Teachers Union at Odds with Public in No Child Left Behind Debate
Maryland: Child Care Providers Vote for Union
Union Leaders Say Workers Are Fed Up
Massachusetts: Big Labor 2, Anndover Kids 0
New Employee Non-Discrimination Act Language Still Falls Short
Connecticut: UAW Files for Union at Foxwoods
Unions Hire Homeless to Protest Nationwide
Wall Street Smells a Bonanza in VEBA
New Jersey: Gov. Issues Order Requiring Prevailing Wage
UAW Holds GM Hostage Over $35 Billion VEBA and Wins
California: Unions File Labor Complaint vs Tenent Healthcare
Despite Harsh Opposition, Popcorn Bill Passes House
GM & UAW Reach Agreement
Maryland: Firefighters Hott Over Removal of Collective Bargaining Rights
White House Opposes Popcorn Bill
AWF Urges No Vote on Popcorn Bill H.R. 2693
Wall Street's Not Too Worried, Yet
Minnesota: New Policy Promotes Workers Rights
UAW Members Strike Against GM
Pennsylvania: Teacher Union Tactics Worsen Popular Discontent
Legislation Redefines "Supervisor" at Union Benefit
GAO Unionization Precisely the Wrong Step
GAO Analysts Decide to Join Union
Montana: Unions Reflect Regions Changing Economy
North Carolina: Workers Tell UNC, Down With Censorship, Up With Collective Bargaining
House Pannel Adopts Pro-Union Bill
AWF Urges Vote Against FAA Reauthorization
Democrats Seek to Impress Labor Unions
FAA Reauthorization Favors Labor Unions
Colorado: Governor Tries to Keep Collective Bargaining Alive
Labor's New Threat: Is Our Workplace Free?
California: Prevailing Wage Debate Haults Project
Gov. Daniels, Friend of the Indiana Worker
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Colorado: Collective Bargaining Push Has Some Questioning the Cost
Unionized Day-Care Raises Prices and Kills Quality
Democrats Seek Big Labor Endorsement
Indiana: Non-Union Employees to Receive Same Raise as Teachers
Labor-Bush Wars Intensify
Coalition Letter Calls for Funding Restoration for OLMS
Democrats Give Unions New Clout
Indiana: Labor Moves to Bar Welfare Privitization
Big Labor's Decline Explained
Maine Lawmakers Hijack Day-care Costs
Big Labor's Decline Explained
Maine: Child Care Workers Vote to Unionize
NY Cab Strike Leaves Customers on the Curb
The House Cuts OLMS Funding by $2 Million
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Newsletter Demonstration
Unions Want Legal Authority to be Bullies
The Truth About Labor Day
Louisiana Unions Worried About Dupont Consolidation
Big Labor Strangles Government
Free Workers by Passing Federal Right to Work Laws
NLRB: The Mercenary of Big Labor
Unions Losing Power, but Labor Issues Remain
Edwards: Enemy of Workers, Friend to Unions
Officials: Unions Struggling, but Still Important
Pennsylvania's Union Demise
Senator Webb an Enemy to Workers of Virginia
Letter to U.S. House Condemning Vote for HR 800
AWF Labor Day Press Release
AWF Commends Rep. Kline for OLMS Funding Push
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Letter to Senate Opposing H.R. 980
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AWF Supports Pentagon's Curtailing of Collective Bargaining
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