Congressional Ratings

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What are AWF's Congressional Ratings?

Each Congressional session, the Alliance for Worker Freedom rates several important votes that impact worker freedom and gives an award based on how certain members voted.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom's "Guardian of Worker Freedom Award" is an annual award given each year to members of Congress that protect the rights of workers and support pro-growth economic policies. As our nation grows and worker migration is on the rise, it is essential to recognize those that vote in favor of protecting employee freedom and workers rights.

Using our Congressional Ratings, which tabulate each key vote on issues dealing with labor, employee rights,  wages, and more. The "Guardian of Worker Freedom Award" is given to only those in Congress who have voted 80 percent of the time, or higher, to side with worker freedom.

Below you will find our Guardian of Worker Freedom scorecard votes and calculations. Each Congressional session, AWF monitors all key labor, worker and free-market votes and alerts members as to our position.  We do tell members each time we will rate a vote. Their votes on these key issues are then tabulated and our analysts determine who is eligible for the award.

If a member has a "no vote", we notify their office and give them the option of telling us how they would have voted if they were able to. That new calcualtion is then factored in to their overall score.

Click on the links to below to see our most recent scorecard. 2009 ratings will be posted soon!

110th Congress - 2nd Session

2008 House Scorecard

2008 Senate Scorecard

110th Congress - 1st Session

2007 House Scorecard

2007 Senate Scorecard

109th Congress - 2nd Session

2006 House Scorecard

2006 Senate Scorecard

109th Congress - 1st Session

2005 House Scorecard

2005 Senate Scorecard

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