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The Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) was founded in 2003 as a non-partisan organization dedicated to combating anti-worker legislation and to promote free and open markets. Momentumoption https://MOMENTUMOPTION.COM/BEST-OPTIONS-TRADING-PLATFORM Broker

Here at AWF, we oppose command-and-control policies which skew the labor market toward one group over another and regulatory policies that interfere with the natural ebb and flow of the free market. To this end, we use a variety of tools to educate the public and politicians about the benefits of free and open economic and labor markets.

As a non-partisan advocacy organization, we utilize research, education and lobbying efforts to protect workers rights and advocate for freer and more transparent economic systems. Specifically, grounded in free market labor economics and constitutional federalism, we understand that it is not the role of the federal government to grant permission or hinder the relationships between a employer and its' employees.

John Adams said, “Liberty is a self-determining power in an intellectual agent. It implies thought and choice and power.” Yet when one surrenders their self, be it by necessity to sustain livelihood, or by uniformed decision to an external force, they are in essence giving up their liberty.

Currently, forced membership into an organized labor union, anti-worker legislation, and overregulation of the marketplace represent the pure antithesis of liberty. The self-determination workers have over their employment is sacrificed when that power is taken from the individual and placed under the control of excessive burdens and external regulations.

We recognize these atrocities and will take every opportunity to protect worker’s rights and freedoms in the workplace and to advocate for pro-worker and pro-free market policies.

We believe that free markets and free citizens are the best formula for workers. Ownership and individual self-determination are the hallmarks of free market labor policy. To this end, the Alliance for Worker Freedom engages in several projects that help advance the cause of individual liberty in the workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Federal and State Government Lobbying
  • Research and Public Policy Analysis
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Model Legislation Drafting
  • National Educational Campaigns
  • Grassroots and Coalition Building
  • Internships and Associate Programs
  • ...and much more

We depend on your help and outside donations to continue to protect worker freedom, defeat anti-worker legislation and uphold free and open labor markets in America. If you would like to contribute to AWF, please visit the “Donate” button or click here.

We work closely with scholars, authors, national and state think tanks, business and corporate organizations, trade associations, grassroots activists, bloggers and everyday working Americans to develop the highest quality of work.

We look forward to continuing the fight for worker freedom!

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