Immigration Policy

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Far too often, government has looked to excessively regulate immigration into this country. While the United States was founded and built by those not born on this soil, some in Congress continue to place excessive blockades on those seeking legal employment in America. At the same time, laws and restrictions are placed on businesses which force compliance with arbitrary caps and quotas just to hire willing and able workers.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom feels that workers have a right to pursue employment free of government restraints, without invasions of privacy or violation of their civil rights; and that employers have a right to pursue workers without government coercion or presumption of guilt.

In the United States, workers and employers should be free to establish mutually beneficial employment arrangements, i.e., the government should not interfere with employers’ hiring nor should it regulate workers’ employment decisions.

With regard to border security, it is a legitimate function and indeed a central role of the federal government to secure our national borders. However, that issue lies solely within the realm of national security and should not be established to hinder a migratory worker flow.

Businesses should not be required to enforce laws that are rightly the responsibility of the federal government.  Employers are ill-equipped to do so and such requirements place an undue burden on a free economy. Businesses should also have a mechanism available to them to be secure from the threat of lawsuits on the one hand, and severe government sanctions on the other.

The American economy requires growth in our domestic workforce at levels that are beyond our current rate of natural population growth. The best way available today to meet the challenge of a workforce too small for our economic needs is to allow increased levels of legal immigration.  Failure to do so leads to both illegal immigration and loss of effective control over U.S. borders. The organic level of workers needed for the U.S. labor force should be determined by free and unfettered labor markets.

The current workforce residing in the U.S. should be free to continue to work in the U.S. to the extent that the labor market demands their services.  Any reform should provide a means for allowing illegally working residents to eventually enter the process to become documented immigrants.

The Alliance for Worker Freedom is a member of the H2B Workforce Coalition and the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC).

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